So long 2012

 At Vicky Kaya's 'Into the Fashion Wonderland' party, 2012. Photo: George Karapetis

As of today, and exactly one year ago, we opened our account in blogger without suspecting any of the things that would follow. Does the ''Butterfly effect'' ring any bell to you? Something like that! By visiting and following numerous Greek and international blogs, we had an idea of what we would like to do with ours but in reality, when you open a blog of your own, you are called to make decisions 'on the blind' meaning: In what language are you going to write; which days of the week should you post; at what time; to whom are you addressed; and how do you communicate your blog? Those of you with a blog know exactly what we are talking about, right?


In our case, things were probably a little easier as we were three to open this blog and whatever the difficulties were, we were sharing them through and deal with these in common. And where this whole blogging story started lightly, initially thought as posting about things we have already studied and that either way see, read or visit in our daily routine, with time it became something more to us. The positive comments and critiques by friends and followers inspired us to put more effort and spend more personal time on this blog.




As a result, throughout 2012 we contacted with lots of others, we made new friends and experiences, and by the time we returned from our summer holidays we saw all our hard-working coming to fruition. All of our content, from the first thematic column ''Designer of the month'' to ''Photoshoots'' with fashion editorials of our own production, ''How to wear'', ''Style on the move'' and lately ''Ohhh... George'' with guest editor George Karapetis, was received surprisingly well by you and it is shown in your comments.... A big thank you from our hearts!


These go all to the positive side of 2012!


In the downside of 2012, luckily it was just one, we would put Marilina's permanent pause from this blog. Do not put in your beautiful minds any dark schemes, cat fights or huge egos. The truth is that Marilina's relocation in London for her masters degree in Fashion Design does not leave her with any spare time. It is only understandable that this blog in not her No1 priority any more.


Therefore, this new year that comes in only hours from now, will start dynamically just with Eirini and myself, myself and Margarita, the two of us, with new projects, fresh ideas, collaborations and many surprises!!!!

Finally, we would like to thank all the companies that kindly collaborated with us, either via giveaways or for inviting us in numerous events just like Attrattivo, Clic Jewels and H&M to name only a few.


We wish to all of you, boys and girls.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Eirini - Margarita

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