Time to chill


Goodmorning loves and happy April. Hope you all doing great. I am bit sick, I guess it is the post Svalbard consequences hahaha (I know I own you a post full of my latest trip). It is finally weekend and I will try to relax a bit although it is a period full of work and responsibilities. But I guess we all deserve time for ourselves, to just sit down and relax. For me Friday night it is the best time for chilling. You are done from a full day of work, you know that the weekend is ahead, so you can stay home, lay on the couch and enjoy a nice drink with no guilt. So that is what I did last night. Did you know that candles also help you to relax? In my case they help a lot and if they also have a nice scent, not too strong yet a light one to just calm you down and let you enjoy the moment. 


My new baby is that candle from Oh so souvenir to me . It is a concrete and wood scented candle enclosing the scent of greek nature through a large selection of greens like basil, jasmine etc. by KIZIS STUDIO. It is not only the scent that makes the difference, but also the amazing concrete packaging which is so modern, minimalistic and with a great design. And why not, after the use of candle use it for other purposes as for example, earrings' storage or maybe put a tiny small flower pot in! 





I discovered Oh so souvenir to me through a friend and I was surprised with its products. It is an online shop contains  everything that Greece could be if it was a souvenir. It is platform with a great variety of products/souvenirs with more than 60 Greek designers presenting their work. Trust me and have a look at their site !! 


P.S. Stay tuned beacause a surprise will come soon for all of you :)


Eirini xxx


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