Breakfast smoothie bowl

Goodmorning girls! Hope you are doing great. Today I went to the gym early in the morning and yes, it is so true that early morning exercise is the best thing to do. I feel so refreshed and energized now, ready to seize the day!!!! To be honest I didn't have a proper breakfast but I ate a protein bar to boost my energy for the gym. Generally, I don't have a specific breakfast I like eating everyday. It mainly depends on how I wake up. Sometimes I am craving something sweet, other something savory, eggs....

However, one of my favorite ones are the oatmeal and smoothie bowls. When I have frozen fruits in the freezer I always go for a smoothie bowl with all different topics you can imagine hahaha like the one I had yesterday nd you can see on the photo below. They are super easy to make, healthy (only if you fo on the safe side with the toppings :P ) and the yummiest way to start your day!

breakfast fashionreactor

Smoothie bowl with red frozen fruits

- a cup of frozen fruits

- a tbsp of peannut butter

- tons of cinammon (I am addicted)

- you can also ass a little bit of honey if you want it more sweet

- vanilla almond milk

-for the toppings feel free to choose whatetever you like. I usually go for granola, coconut flakes, flax seeds, almonds or walnuts, chia seeds and more cinammon

I totally recommend it and if you try it home, please send me your photos or your additions and ideas for a delicious smoothie bowl :)


Love ya

Eirini xxx

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