My life update ...And then this happened


My life update Part 2 is here with some news I've been hidding from you guys for a while now but I've also been looking forward to telling you. I GOT ENGAGED !!!! This happened few months back, it was 5th of May the day of my nameday and our 5th year anniversary (it seems that Panos has planned it really well!!) The proposal was not the typical one where the guy kneels down and propose. It was very unique with a sense of humor and that is the reason I love Panos! He is not the oridanry guy but he always finds the right way to surprise me and makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world :) If you are wondering, I said YES but althrough it's been a while now, it is still quite unreal for me.

Our families and very close friends already know about it but know it was about time to tell all of you as well. We have slowly begun to plan that day which will take place next summer in Greece! So I hope you're ready for some wedding blog posts the following months...!


Eirini xxx

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