What exactly is inspiration and where does it come from? You can find it everywhere; we know that, we see that, we are experiencing that. But what happens, when you just can't get inspired? How can you create? How can you go on with your plans?

You just decide to go back to the photos you already have, the ones you had once saved, somewhere, at your computer or laptop, in order to start over the quest of inspiration. Which can lead to something exciting, new and who knows, perhaps something original.

So, I started going through my old photos. I realized that there was everything in there. Photos from everywhere. Some of them had no reason; some of them no meaning and some of them might have caused me certain feelings in the past, while looking at them.
So, it's about damn time to show you some of them, in case I come up with something good!



By the way, my name is George Karapetis, I have studied Fashion Design & Styling and I am trying, just like everybody else during this difficult time... blah blah blah... we live in, to pass my driving license's exams in order to be on time at my job (which quite frankly, I find really difficult to achieve and I can't understand why!), to meet with my friends, to get some rest and, among all, to be able to create something again.

P.S.: Always remember not to wear your leather shoes when it's raining! Wear something else, but always in style, of course! ;)


George is our new guest editor and you can connect with him at @georgekarapetis

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