Wall of fame


 The ''Wall of Fame'' at the back of my bedroom door

For my very first post, I wanted to share with you my 'Wall of Fame' or otherwise the inspirational board that I made when I was approximately thirteen or fourteen years old. After all these years, it still stands stuck in it's position at the back of my bedroom door (wow... this tape was really strong!), and inspires me.




The story behind this is the following. I remember I was lying in my bed trying to answer the question ''What do you want to become when you grow up?'', a question that parents, aunties and the rest of la famiglia usually start asking us by the time we become five (like it is ever possible to know at this age what to do with ourselves!). Anyway....in order to come with a serious and well-thought answer, I was playing in my head with my likes and dislikes while fantacizing myself in the most ideal work space. So my likes contained words such as clothes, beauty, art, glamour, design, creativity and sparkle. And then, it was like the words came together and created the whole image of the puzzle. I was found in this image hidden under a table (where children usually hide), in a room like the backstage of a fashion show, observing beautiful girls (models) rumning around in fairytale gowns, beautiful hair and make up, posing here and there for the photographers whose camera flashes were lighting constantly the space, just minutes before the show. And that was it! I suddenly knew....Beyond a reasonable doubt, I was going to study FASHION so that I'd live in this world. So ever since, I started designing, making collages and collecting magazines (piles of them....). This is one of them.



 Fashion's 'Dream team' - ''Designers without borders''.

They all became my idols, mentors and gave me strength to pursue my goals. Unfortunately some of them are not living among us anymore such as the late Alexander McQueen, who in 2010 killed himself and filled the fashion world with sadness.
 John Galliano - His first collections for Dior were my favourite.
 I still love the blue, floral dress by Gucci.
It was one of the first collections by Tom Ford for Gucci.
And so, every little step that i've made since then was only for getting me closer to this childhood dream.
Off I go now!
I hope you to find something inspirational in these pictures too.
I would love to hear your own stories on how you decided upon your career path and who or what inspired you the most when you were little.
xo Margarita
Photo Credits: Elle magazine

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